Les Orchard
Les Orchard

he / him; semi-hermit in PDX, USA; tinkerer; old adhd cat dad; serial enthusiast; editor-at-large for http://lmorchard.com; astra mortemque superare gradatim

I am Jack's Lost 404
I am Jack's Lost 404

#software #electronics #computervision
#hamradio #rockclimbing #iceclimbing #mountains

phantom poser


#infosec enthusiast/wannabe

Interested in #privacy, #datajournalism, #arduino, #research, #machinelearning [for good, not bullshit machines]

if you ever see me use "AI" without the proper quotes of shame, or any other nonsense, please reprimand me appropriately


The rare woolly mountain hacker
Reluctant software engineer
One eye always on the road
With dreams of escape
to the dirt bag again

A 2 mile per potato hiking machine

On Hiatus until 07/08


The Gibson
The Gibson

Mayor of Hackers.town

Hacker, VP of Ops at Veilid Foundation, Global Director of Threat Ops at (undisclosed), APT3319

A meat serf in a digital cropsharing arrangement.

A netizen of New Cyberia.

he/him they/them

Boosts do not equal endorsement.

Comments are my own, and not my employer's unless otherwise noted.

c0debabe, just a raccoon
c0debabe, just a raccoon

mapache hacker. salty developer.

- They/Them; Mx or Mage Honorific, please.
- Boston, MA Metro Area
- Debuffs: PTSD, PMDD, ???
- Been in tech for almost 20 years
- Open Source PalmOS, you cowards
- ban online tracking
- ban sale of user meta/data
- still mask for my health
- polyam, bi/pan

DMs are open to mutuals only.

Ask to follow publicly. Preferably with why.

Opinions and misadventures are mine; not my employer(s) or project(s).

That's all folks...