Hello, Fediverse friends! 👋 We're excited to announce that from now on, we'll be sharing updates about the Open Science Network development from our own federated Bonfire instance. \ The Open Science Network initiative, led by [@bonfire@indieweb.social](https://indieweb.social/users/bonfire) ​ ​in collaboration with open science advocates and scientific communities, aims to address the challenges in modern scientific collaboration. We're developing a federated digital space that embodies and fosters open science and FAIR principles, governed by the scholarly community itself. Our solution is an open-source, self-governed, and federated digital space that scientific organizations can autonomously set up and confidently use to streamline and empower their workflow. By leveraging ActivityPub, we connect with other scientific organizations in the wider network. Unlike existing centralized and siloed platforms, our solution provides a modular, open-source, and federated framework that allows organizations to cultivate collaboration while maintaining control over scientific data, relationships, governance, and work. ### Open Code and Modular Open-source code is the backbone of transparent and collaborative science. Combined with a modular architecture, it empowers community-driven improvements and adaptations, fosters trust through transparency, and reduces barriers to entry for new contributors. Open and Modular code fosters a vibrant ecosystem where ideas can flourish and scientific progress accelerates. ### Open Protocol ActivityPub, our chosen open protocol, is vital for true decentralization and for preventing Enshittification (as defined by [@pluralistic@mamot.fr](https://mamot.fr/users/pluralistic) ), vendor lock-in, and data silos. It empowers users to choose their preferred instance or set up a new one and facilitates a global, interconnected scientific community. ### Open Governance Open governance ensures that our digital space evolves with its community, by giving voice to all stakeholders in decision-making and aligning platform development with user needs, cultivating accountability and transparency. Our vision is to create a digital commons for science, where researchers can collaborate freely, share knowledge effectively, and advance scientific discovery in an open and transparent manner. Follow us to stay updated on our progress. We welcome partnerships and collaborations – reach out to us here or at team@openscience.network to join our network and help shape the future of open science.

Long post

@admin @bonfire Hello there, awesome to see a new platform on the fediverse, the more the better!
However, there's a problem: for whatever reason, I can't follow your instance from gotosocial. Do you have any logs of this on your side, perhaps searching by username or domain? Here's mine:

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